Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yumi solo on Domoto Bros.

Just something quick before I sleep in preparation for another hellish week at work...

Credit goes to tim banana for this - I'd never seen it before he emailed me about it. What we have here are a bunch of clips of Yumi singing solo and with people other than Ami, and songs that I haven't heard before. They're not the greatest songs, and she sounds nervous. But still, this is something different!


  1. Domoto Kyodai is a show hosted by JE band Kinki Kids (who share the surname Domoto but are not related). Yumi was part of the celebrity band that plays and sings along with the guest during their performance. The band would also participate in games against the guests. Mostly during the show it's the hosts and guest who speak, Yumi was rather quiet during her tenure there. One clip I remember distinctly of Yumi was when she played a game against the JE band NEWS. I can't remember what game it was but Yumi said "There is no way I am going to lose to a kid" and then she went on to beat NEWS' Kato Shige (he was pissed haha XD). I believe the clip is subbed and can be found on youtube if you look for it. If I recall correctly, that episode aired in 2003.

  2. I loved hearing PUFFY singing that Blue Hearts song, Kiss Shite Hoshii (I Want a Kiss)...It sounds amazing!!! I still have that 'tu tu tu' chorus stuck in my's great.