Thursday, April 3, 2008

Basket Case & More

This is the first teaser of some of the video I mentioned receiving earlier - and I haven't seen this particular performance of "Basket Case" posted anywhere previously. I believe this is the first you'll have seen it, unless you live in Japan and happened to watch it on satellite.

Not 100% sure which show this is from - my guess based on the touring group and the sign behind them is that it's J-WAVE LIVE 2000+6, which took place August 18, 2006 in Tokyo's Yoyogi Gymnasium... or so Wikipedia tells me.

Oh, by the way, while this doesn't work for all videos, YouTube did create one of its super-secret high-quality versions of this one and it is noticeably better. It doesn't work for embedding, but if you've got a little bit of extra bandwidth, go directly to it here.

(You can try that "&fmt=6" modifier with any video on YouTube. It doesn't work with most of my videos yet - they're re-encoding their entire site over time - but check out Nantettatte Idol in HQ. Awesome!)

Honestly, there are even cooler, rarer videos coming, a lot of which are random older TV appearances that I don't yet know quite what to do with. Some of the videos are pretty long, so I'm looking for a free video host that can deal with them. Anyone know of any sites that don't have a 10 minute or 100MB limit?


  1. I love it when they perform basketcase. Yeah this is from j-wave live 06 I remeber downloading it of jpopsuki a few years ago.
    Great Performance!

  2. nice videos! i think might be of service to upload those videos (+10 minutes)