Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PUFFY and Q-Pot

Q-Pot is a high-end accessory maker that designs accessories modeled after miniature food. They make little cakes and candy and hamburgers and then stick them on keychains or necklaces or just put them on a little plate for decoration. It's weird and cute in the way that some Japanese things are, and now PUFFY have apparently designed their own little Q-Top accessories and made a little video about them to show you.

Check it out - it's worth it if only for Yumi's mocking use of English. (I like her Mr. Burns-esque "Excellent!") Click the image for the video, and visit the web site itself here. Fair warning - clicking the image will open a new window, and the video's available in Windows Media only. Blame Japan's web developers - this is the most common way of doing web video there.

By the way, I notice it's been a week since my last post. Hasn't been a lot of news and I just haven't had time to do anymore video or reviews (both types of post really take a while!). But there's more coming, don't worry!

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