Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yamaha Vox & Vino Video and More!

Well, here's sort of an unexpected commercial endorsement - if only because it's sort of a blast from the past for PUFFY fans.

A bunch of years ago now, PUFFY had an endorsement deal with Yamaha for their Vino line of scooters. As part of that, they included Vinos in their video for "Circuit no Musume" and also shot at least one TV commercial. Here's the original video for "Circuit no Musume", just to refresh your memory:

And I'll bet a lot of you haven't seen the original Yamaha Vino TV commercial (sorry about the quality, it's the only posting of it that I could find):

Well, they've gone back to the future and actually re-filmed a special 2008 version of the "Circuit no Musume" video, along with a new promotional video for the Vino and Vox. You can see all of this stuff at the Yamaha web site here, or just scroll down for the embedded versions.

Here's the new special 2008 version of "Circuit no Musume" (and yeah, they only did a minute of it):

Pretty cool! It's kind of wild seeing them re-do one of their early videos 10 years later, almost shot for shot. They look like they've barely aged at all, though they obviously seem more mature now. They don't have the atmosphere of kids anymore.

By the way, am I the only one that sees the similarity in the new video to the 1980's laserdisc-based motorcycle racing arcade game "Star Rider"?

Here's the Vino and Vox "with PUFFY":

They seem to be enamored with the amount of storage space.

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