Tuesday, March 25, 2008

All Because of You

As found on Mixi:

My guess is that'll be the single's cover.


  1. Yes, it's supposed to be new single's cover.

    As for the talk show, Ami mostly talked about her boat and fishing hobby which was initially introduced by Tamio Okuda. But it was really a dull story for me. I kind of had to realize I couldn't be friends with AmiYumi even if I knew them personally.

  2. IMHO, That show itself is quite dull. :P
    Anyway, under "Puffy All because of you", it reads "new single 2008.5.21. release". So I agree with you guys.

  3. 5/21? That's the same day when Miyu Nagase's (ex-Zone singer) new single comes out. Wonder which one will do better?

    --- "Puffy Love"