Friday, August 18, 2017

The Night Begins to Shine, New Layout & Sundry

This one snuck up on me, a new song: The Night Begins to Shine.

You can buy The Night Begins to Shine on Google Play or Amazon.

Things have been kind of crazy the past couple of months and writing about anything has been not on my radar.  Changed jobs, kids' school, etc.  Nothing bad, just time and energy consuming.

Things are starting to settle down.  I have a really great Boston show write up in the pipe that a reader (also a fantastic writer) sent me. I will be slicing that into 2-3 parts and posting up the first part within the week.

Apologies for not chunking out content.

Finally broke down and updated the look of the site.  Hats off to Jeff for the old layout, it was great but I have been eager to re-tool for a while.  I may elect to do ads at some point... I could stand to make tens of cents but maybe it would help put a dent in my expenses.  Code for buying albums.

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