Monday, August 21, 2017

The Night Begins To Shine Review

It has been a while since Puffy released a new song though in this case "The Night Begins To Shine" appears on the "The Teen Titans Go Songs From The Night Begins To Shine Special" which is both long, unwieldy and goofy for a soundtrack album.  I will not use it again as there is no need. I only purchased Puffy's track as the other tracks were not of interest.

Vocally Ami and Yumi are in fine form, though I suspect there is a little processing.  Not a good or bad thing.  The delivery is evocative of 70's disco, which is well within their wheelhouse.  They show a little more dynamic singing which is good.

The music for "The Night Begins To Shine" is basically driven by synthesizers and drum machines and would not be out of place on a Perfume album. The flip side is with the vocal processing the music and vocals are tied together well.  I honestly was not missing anything resembling a guitar on the track.  That feels weird to admit, but I have been listening to Perfume a fair bit as of late.

Engineering for "The Night Begins To Shine" is good, but there are parts where the synthesizers sound a bit muddled and there are a couple bits where I thought I hear a little fuzzy sounds.  There are some neat underlying bits that bounce between the left and right channels.  On headphones the track does not fade out as you would think, it actually goes on quietly for a few seconds fading into a synth classical music sound.

Quick Scores:
Vocals: A-
Music: B+
Engineering: B-

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