Monday, April 18, 2016

Puffy Fantasy Theater

Following up on the last post, Ami and Yumi talk about their tie in with Sanrio for Fantasy Theater Sanrio Characters.  I for one will never ever make fun of Hello Kitty, as I have been roundly (and politely) scolded by my friend Sumi-san many years ago for making even the slightest joke.

It went roughly like this:

Me:  If Hello Kitty dies woudl it be Goodbye Kitty?
Sumi-San: Why are you making fun of Hello Kitty-chan, she is nice.
Me: . . .

So some cool news for Puffy in their 20th year and it feels like steam is building up given not only this but also their TV shedule has been busier than it had been for nearly a decade it seems.  All good things.

Fantasy Theater can be found on Google Play or on iTunes. It is not compatible on my Android devices, so I need to figure out a hack to that...

P.S.  Is Yumi standing on a box, wearing platform shoes or is Ami shrinking... their heigh difference is not that extreme..

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