Tuesday, April 5, 2016

20th Anniversary Album Is Out And Sundry

Apologies for being a little quiet, real life has a way of interfering. Anyways, the 20th anniversary album is for sale in Japan (4/6 there... for me not yet) and titled 20th Anniversary Best Album Hi Datsuryoku Ha Senge.

I like the cover, it is something different in style to other Puffy albums.  Not in a rush to buy it just yet, I usually let my wants from Japan pile up and then order.  Of course I will be in Tokyo in July so I may just wait till then.

On the plus side a physical CD will make a great fan as Tokyo in July is appallingly hot and humid.

Also releasing today is the single from the album: Hidatsuryokuha Sengen.

I am hoping my trip somehow coincides with a concert in Tokyo, I will be keeping an eye on tour dates and if so... I will be contacting my friend Dr Doug who introduced me to Puffy and now lives in Tokyo.

Anyways, from scanning Puffy's social media feeds it appears they are in studio which I am hoping is good news.  Specifically that it is a new album to coincide with this momentous year.

P.S.  As a side note, the format of this site is possibly going to change to encompass more Japan artists.   There is a lot I listen to that I want to share, so either I start up a new site and Puffy stuff appears on both or this one... what do you think?

P.S.  It would be doubly cool if Ami and Yumi can keep Puffy intact for the 2020 Olympics... specifically the opening ceremony.  Asia no Junshin seems like a perfect song for that event.

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