Monday, October 3, 2011

Puffy 15 Editions & Countdown Japan 11/12

CD Japan has updated it's site over the past couple of days.

The regular edition has: 2 CD's.

The deluxe edition has: 2 CD's, Bonus DVD and the hand towel designed by Rodney Greenblat.

The difference is about six bucks.

No track listing as of yet, but with two CD's of music I am not as concerned about some songs being left off and more piqued about new material being inserted into the track list. My hunch is this will be released sometime this month... but when I know you will too!

Puffy has also signed on for the Countdown Japan 11/12 concert. They play Wednesday 12/28, so kinda early in the festivities. That is also the same night that Tamio Okuda is playing.

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