Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Puffy 15: Album Cover and Track List

Here is the news we have been waiting on the new album cover and the track list (h/t to the always great Hareonna20). Noticed things were finally starting to go forward as Team Puffy updated Facebook today and sent out the Puffy 15 album cover. I like what Rodney Greeblat did here, it is a nice throw back to all the covers he did for Puffy over the years.

Here are the tracks for 15:

Disc 1
1. Someone
2. Kore ga Watashi no Ikirumichi
3. Oriental Diamond
4. Boogie Woogie No. 5
6. Hi Hi
7. boom boom beat
8. Red Swing
9. Nice Buddy
10. Ai no Shirushi
12. Circuit no Musume
13. Hiyori Hime
14. My Story
15. Mole-Like
16. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera
17. All Because Of You
18. R.G.W.
19. Happy Birthday
20. Asia no Junshin

Disc 2
1. Shall We Dance?
2. Kimi to Otobai
3. Radio Tokyo
5. Violet
6. Jet Police
7. Hazumu Rhythm
8. Puffy's Rule
9. Security Blanket
10. Bring it on
11. Yokubou
12. Wedding Bell
13. Friends
14. Kirei na Namida ga Tarinai yo
15. UREI
16. Jet Love
17. Kimi ga Suki
18. Tokusuru Karada
19. Bye Bye

Disc 3 - DVD
Asia no Junshin - Ami Yumi Emi version

There are a couple surprises in this list for me, but with 39 tracks it is a huge wall of sound that we are getting and that is not even making mention of the DVD! From looking at Puffy's Sony site her emight be a bit of a disappointment. The only content listed is the Asia no Junshin AmiYumiEmi version. Hopefully there is more, but my gut says probably not...

I have not skimmed what the new tracks are as this is all on the fly so chime in friends!

Later on in the week I will have my 15 Puffy songs posted up. Part of the problem with boiling down a deep catalog is picking 15 that are the best when there are so many songs I like. For now enjoy the art and hopefully we will get an official track list soon!

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