Friday, October 8, 2010

Puffy Winter Single

Caught this on Puffy's Twitter feed, but from what I can gather it is called R.G.W. and it is a Christmas song and I think literally so.... The song is written by Tamio Okuda (which is as huge of news as the single itself... it has been far too long) with lyrics by him and Puffy.

Edited... got some new info! Looking at Puffy's website, it has been updated with more info. I cannot read Japanese, so bear with me. The second track is Jet Love that was used on the show Don! The third track is Koi no Yama Arashi. (thanks Anthony!)

The bonus DVD for the limited edition will have 6 songs from the 2010 tour. (edited again, thanks Anthony!). These tracks are:

1. Nice Buddy
2. Ai no Shirushi
3. Circuit no Musume
4. Complaint
5. Boogie-Woogie No. 5
6. Youkai Puffy

The song I am really excited about in this bonus DVD is Youkai Puffy, which I am curious to see how it translates from a fantastic studio track to a live performance. Anyways, both editions should be released on 11/17/2010.

When I know will know more.

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