Sunday, October 10, 2010

NYC show report is coming...

Just back from the Puffy show tonight - and boy are my arms tired! Just kidding. Anyway, I'll have a full show report, complete with whatever pics are clear enough to make out human beings on the stage, within the next day or two.

In summary, it was a good show, but the other bands were too long and Puffy's set was too short. Maybe I'm just biased.  (Though there were four bands - it seemed excessive.)

Watch for my report soon! Not sure if Wes made it to give you his own report, but he can answer to that.

P.S. - I have another Puffy autograph to add to my collection!

P.P.S. did anyone buy the meet & greet package with them at NYAF/ComiCon? I would have had I known about it, but alas, I did not until it was too late.

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