Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unannounced Puffy 2009 US Tour Dates

(See the above... blog for more news... and bad news at that)

Commenter Robert got me on this trail, so he really deserves full credit. At this point I am excitedly trying to collate information and will add more when I know more. From what I can ascertain right now there are two concerts Puffy will be at as a support act for Less Than Jake.

It looks like this will be a four band concert, so I guess they will get one set.... which is a shame. My best hope is they will get the same amount of stage time The Juliette Dagger got on Shonen Knife's last tour.... but some live Puffy is better than the alternative.

At-any-rate here are the dates I can verify:

11/27/2009 - The Gothic, Englewood CO
12/04/2009 - House Of Blues, Anaheim, CA

Bad news is I know nothing more at this time. Less Than Jake has shows between these dates and after, so I do not know if Ami and Yumi are only doing these shows or not. The information is unclear. More surprisingly is that this is totally out of the blue, usually Puffy has update on forthcoming tour dates.

Now the really, really good news is, I happen to live in Denver... So, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will be be at The Gothic (where I happened to see Shonen Knife...), which is a terrific venue.

My gut tells me this was all thrown together quickly... but when I know more I will pass it along!


  1. Thanks for following up on this so quickly. I also am very surprised to see this, and agree that it must have been thrown together very quickly. One of the Less Than Jake shows between the two you confirm is in Seattle, on 11/30 - that's where I'm from, so I'll try to get in touch with the venue and see if I can get any info about whether they'll be playing that gig, and pass along what I find.

  2. Robert, I can not thank you enough for the scoop. Anything you can find would be appreciated.

    I am still stunned how we were basically side swiped by the news... I mean their regular channels have always been very timely.

  3. I'm ecstatic to hear they haven't abandoned the US completely!

    It's too bad, though. Is it too optimistic to hope they'll someday make another visit to the East Coast?

  4. This is surprising, indeed.

    Here's something else to chew on: I was looking up something on HMV's site the other day, and noticed they had a listing for a "Bring it!" CD release...from the US. Amazon Japan had the same CD listed; both sites give a release date of November 17th.

    However, checking everywhere else has turned up relatively little. Amazon (US) and Barnes and Noble both have the disc listed, but it's an import -- Amazon (both of them) have a CD image of what seems to be the Hong Kong (or Taiwan) release, while Amazon Japan and Barnes and Noble give the label of release as "Sony BMG Europe".

    So I truly have no idea what to make of all this.

    (And in other, unrelated, Puffy news, the tabloids in Japan are reporting that Yumi broke up with her boyfriend. Of course, these are probably the same writers that said the two of them were all but married last year, so a grain of salt is probably needed.)

  5. Anthony, I did some rooting around I could not verify a US version is being released... but it also depends on which outfit is releasing Bring it! in the US. I will put this on my to do list...

    Stewart, I had been writing a blog about that subject... but it was still very rough. I guess I may have to shelve it or heavily modify it. It is nice to see them coming across to the US, but the complete lack of information is vexxing... not so much as them being a support act, but still.

  6. Amazon.co.uk also has "Bring It!" as a November 17 release on Sony BMG Europe. It looks like it's getting a European release but not a US one. (Shouldn't they be playing shows in Europe, then?)

    Haven't been able to get hold of the venue in Seattle - will keep trying...

  7. JamBase has them in Atlanta on Nov. 13.

    Randall Flagg

  8. http://smithstix.com/events/item/root/less-than-jake

    In Murray, UT on Nov. 28.


  9. http://metrotimes.com/calendar/event.asp?whatID=129637

    Detroit on Nov. 23.


  10. I read on a forum (sorry cant find the link for where it was)that this was originally meant to be a Japan Invasion tour or something like that but both Puffy and Oreskaband pulled out in the end. So maybe they just havent removed their names from the line up yet, or maybe they are performing I dunno, it seems a little too late notice if you ask me.

  11. I have contacted the Anaheim House of Blues website, and while Less Than Jake is indeed scheduled to perform, the current support line-up includes Fishbone and The Swellers. No word about PUFFY. :(

  12. RF, thanks for the finds... I will put those dates on my watch list.

    tbb: This could be a weird combo of news being pulled and cancellations not catching up. Problem with the internet (and being a power blogger elsewhere) is once the toothpaste is out of the tube...

    Robert: It is hard to tell why record companies do what they do. Being a Golden Earring fan as well I am used to US based labels thumbing their noses at great acts. Will keep an eye out, it would be nice (pun intended) if Bring it! did indeed get a US release, even if it is not Puffy best work.

  13. I am putting more feelers out on this... Will see how it goes.

  14. Robert, any luck on the Seattle venue?

  15. See the next blog... bad news.