Friday, October 30, 2009

Quiet & A Couple Of Wallpapers

Not much going on for Puffy news, Ami and Yumi seem to have a bunch of dates over the remainder of the year, but beyond that... little news. Not a bad thing per se, but it does nto give me a lot of blogging material...

Next review I hope will be up late next week... The process is taking longer than I thought. Some of this is due to other commitments, vacation and the wonderful distraction of family. Some of it is almost every album, aside from Bring it!, has been a rediscovery and in some cases changing of long held opinions I held.

It is good fun, but impossible to put a deadline on...

Until then a couple of wallpapers I made a while back.

Credit to the original photographers.


  1. If I might be permitted a fanboy comment, the fluffy, reddish hairdo Ami is sporting in that first photo is one of my favorite looks for her. One of them...

    Since this is kind of a marking time post, maybe I could ask everyone an unrelated question?

    Puffy is credited on a new CD by Orquesta de la Luz, "Salsa Comedor" (Universal Japan UPCH-20164). I don't know why, but this is also listed as "Salsa Shokudo" some places. I'm assuming they contribute vocals to "Asia no Junshin", although they may appear on other tracks as well. Has anyone heard this (or have any further information)?

  2. Of Puffy's myriad of looks this is on of my favorites as well.

    One thing I think is amazing about how they comport themselves is illustrated in the Tour 10 Final DVD, how many other female entertainers would have any video of themselves sans makeup on their own video?

    As for that other bit of news, I know nothing but let me root around and see if I can add anything worthwhile... or if you come across more let us know!

  3. "bunch of dates over the remainder of the year"

    I seem to see some web sites suggesting PUFFY are playing some dates in the US supporting Less Than Jake - Atlanta on 11/13, Murray on 11/28, Los Angeles on 12/4. Is this true?

  4. Robert, looking at Less Than jake's website... No further info. Googling around it soes appear they are slated to be on dates with them as a support act (a shame...).

    But it looks like they will be in my stomping grounds 11/27 at The Gothic in Colorado.

    When I figure out more I will post up. Thanks for the find Robert.

  5. After much Web searching, I decided that the only way to find out anything definite about Puffy's guest appearance on the just-released album by Orquesta de la Luz ("Salsa Comedor" - Universal Japan UPCH-20164) was to order the darned thing. I'm still not sure what's going on here, though.

    Ami and Yumi do indeed add their vocals to an arrangement of "Asia no Junshin", but the vocals are just dropped in... not really integrated into the recording. The effect is rather like one of the PRMX tracks. Puffy's vocals here may actually have been lifted from the original single -- it's hard to be sure because the sound has been manipulated a bit. They sound young, but Ami and Yumi can probably do that at will. It could well be a new recording. Unfortunately, what it does not sound like is Puffy fronting a real salsa orchestra. I'd like to hear that.

    I emailed the Orquesta de la Luz website for details but never received a response. The booklet includes brief notes for each song in Japanese and I could scan "Asia no Junshin" if anyone wants to try translating.

    Bottom line: not essential... like one of the better PRMX remixes... but yes, you do need it if you're a Puffy completist!