Monday, August 3, 2009

New blogger!

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a new face around here. Some of you may know him as commenter darkurthe, but he'll be posting under the name Wes.

We'll have to see what he's got planned. In any case, he'll hopefully help fill in some of the gaps when I'm busy with my little store, although he won't be a full-time blogger here either and I'll probably still do the bulk of it - assuming I can ever get some free time. I really want to get back to spending more time here, but it's just not easy at the moment. (I *will* have a few more posts soon.)

Anyway, join me in welcoming Wes! And look forward to his first post shortly.


  1. Welcome, Wes! I look forward to hearing more of your input. (:

  2. Hi, Wes! I've always enjoyed your perspective on things Puffy so I'm glad you've taken up Jeff's challenge.