Thursday, August 6, 2009


When Jeff put out the call for some help blogging here at amiyumidas, I had to jump at the chance. Jeff has put together a blog that meshes with a lot of my own opinions and general view points about Puffy. I enjoy smaller, more personal discussions about a band I seriously enjoy.

This is the place for the writing I want to do and the discussions that stem from it. I have always had the desire to blog about Puffy, but never felt that I had enough material to go forward… now joining up with Jeff to help deliver a blog about Puffy… that is another story.

Writing about music presents a new challenge for me. My writing gigs have always revolved around humor, politics and gaming in a couple media formats, but truth be told… music is a passion of mine that I have yet to really express and Puffy has a special place in my music library. If I were going to branch out and talk about music it would be about them.

What songs and albums by Puffy do I like? That would be giving up the farm in one blog…. As to what future blogs hold, I have a number of ideas that have been percolating in my brain. Some of this involves reviewing Puffy’s albums, some of this is discussing finer points of their music but outside of that, if news items or such come up that I can gin up a blog about…

Anyways, there is no shortage of things I would like to blog about and I look forward to sharing these with other fans of Puffy.

Yet before I go forward, maybe I should take a step back.

How I began listening to Puffy stems from a conversation at work on a slow day at the oil and gas company my friend Doug and I were freelancing at during the summer of 2002. The conversation turned to music a subject both Doug and I were passionate about… but until that day there has been no overlap. I had a middling interest in Japanese rock as I had been a fan of Shonen Knife since college and had listened to snippets of other artists. Doug being fluent in Japanese and having a long held interest in J-Pop (not to mention had lived in Japan and is married to a Japanese friend of my wife’s) emphatically told me I should check out Puffy.

I bought An Illustrated History that afternoon and never turned back.

All that said, I want to thank Jeff for the opportunity to blog at amiyumidas and look forward to sharing my thoughts on Puffy.


  1. Welcome again to the blog! Looking forward to seeing what you've got to write. Meanwhile, I've gotta get caught up on some of the news I've been missing...

  2. I was also a big fan of Shonen Knife and a few other Japanese bands (particularly Audrey Kimura's Benten and Sister label), when I discovered Puffy via the Illustrated History in 2002. I'm sure we'll agree (and disagree) on many things, Wes, but I am very much looking forward to what you can add to Jeff's wonderful site.

  3. "I'm sure we'll agree (and disagree) on many things, Wes, but I am very much looking forward to what you can add to Jeff's wonderful site."

    Thanks! I enjoy great discussion even when it is in disagreement! I am mulling over the sequencing of album reviews as the start.

  4. "Looking forward to seeing what you've got to write"

    Me too! Which means I need to get off my duff and pick the direction (of many) I want to go.