Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tamio Okuda sings Oriental Diamond

Puffy Love on the forums found this, and I thought the rest of you might be interested. Here's Tamio Okuda singing the latest song he's written for Puffy, "Oriental Diamond":

The text description from kinusekkenn says it's a b-side from the 「無限の風」 or "Mugen no Kaze" single (that title translates to "Infinite Wind" in Excite), which you can find for sale from, among other places, HMV and CD Japan. It's listed as a demo on the CD, so this was most likely what he gave to Puffy to guide their own recording.

The guy can definitely hold a note.

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  1. Wow, I love this version of Oriental Diamond. Tamio's voice is so amazing. It's really soothing. This sounds so amazingly different from PUFFY's version, IMO. I like them both, but wow! I need to get his albums. Do you own any of his songs, Jeff?