Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New official Honeysweeper tour photos

PUFFY seem to have a long-standing policy of only posting the tiniest of images on their official blogs, probably to prevent people like me from doing exactly what I'm about to do. In the past few days, they've finally relaxed a bit and started posting some real medium-res shots from the last date of the Honeysweeper tour at Shibuya AX. I wonder if it means anything that these shots are all coming from that show - think a DVD might be possible? Who knows - don't get your hopes up yet. In the meantime, here are the new photos (click each one for a slightly larger version):

You can get the story that goes along with these at the official blogs - the Japanese blog is more timely, but everything's being eventually translated into English too.

Incidentally, they have also now posted official set lists from the Shibuya AX show to both of those blogs. And if you missed my somewhat innocuous link in the Honeysweeper tour post, be sure to read Ami's thoughts on the tour there as well (just scroll down on the English blog link, or visit Amigator for the original Japanese). Really wish Yumi would write something once in a while too! How about it, Yumi?

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