Saturday, January 11, 2020

Puffy Song In The Annual Gaki no Tsukai Don't Laugh: Youth High School

Hey all.  This blog is not dead, just not a ton of exciting Puffy news... until now.  By now I mean a couple weeks ago.

Puffy will be doing the end song for the annual "Gaki no Tsukai Don't Laugh" episodes.  From what I can read this will be the song in the final episode where the song covers the events of the 10 episodes.  I am not sure how the episodes are released in Japan, but it should be now or fairly soon we should be seeing this pop up in the usual places.

Image via NTV.

What are the "Don't Laugh" episodes of  "Gaki no Tsukai?"  This is one of the marquee TV events in Japan where Downtown (arguably the biggest and most well know comedy duo), Cocorino (right up there thanks to being on this show for many years) and Hōsei Tsukitei (comedian/story teller) have to endure a day of pranks (and each other) without laughing.  Laughing will suffer a serious slap to the ass with a rubberized bat.

The theme this year is: youth high school.  Definitely going back to the well from arguably their best "Don't Laugh" series from 2005.   Unfortunately the past few years the series has been very predictable, while funny it is jokes that by and large don't vary much from year to year.  Hoping this year is better.

It would be cool if Puffy were more involved as the "Don't Laugh" shows are a way less popular / fading artists get some exposure, but regardless this is a really nice thing to see.

P.S.  Hope the new year is good for you all.  I have been dealing with a lot of stuff over the past year.  I lost my dad to a long term illness, career commitments and kids. Writing about Puffy sort of fell to the bottom of my list for the last year.    

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