Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Enter Warner Music Japan Track List & More Info For Puffypipoyama

More info for Puffypipoyama, which is being released by Warner Music Japan.  

OK I have done some digging thanks to the folks on Puffy's FB page.  Puffy is still part of SMA, but for reasons I am trying to understand the publisher/distributer (i assumed should be Sony) can be different. 

For example Rolly is party of SMA but his release this year was on King Records.  So maybe artist representation is different than distributor.  If so, then it is simply two business owned by Sony but not necessarily married...

I have not had any luck other than validating Puffy now has a page on WMJ's site and Sony Music Artists tgat are uodated but not Sony Music Japan.  So go figure... When I figure out how this works I'll share that info.

So if this means Puffy has parted ways with Sony after 19 years as a distributor, that seems sad.

Here is the track list for Puffypipoyama;

     1.Puffypipoyama     2.COLORFUL WAVE SURFERS      3.COCO Hawaii      4.Puffypipoyama -instrumental-     5.COLORFUL WAVE SURFERS -instrumental-     6.COCO Hawaii -instrumental-

The single will have a regular version (1204 yen) and deluxe version (4167 yen).  Same tracks, the difference will be the deluxe comes with a Madonna original t-shirt.*  

The Song COCO Hawaii, I thought was new, but it was the theme for the TV show In Love with Hawaii back in June.  Which I totally missed...

* I'll probably go with the regular, as basing past experience with clothes from Japan I'll look like the Staypuft Marshmallow Man

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