Sunday, April 12, 2015

Puffy's 2015 Tokyo Billboard Show

Puffy played on Thursday April 9th at the 2015 Billboard show in Tokyo (h/t natalie,mu).  It appears Ami and Yumi were more relaxed in this show than the prior year.   It is hard to tell if there is something going on with their dynamic or perhaps fallout from Yumi's second marriage ending at that time put a strain on things.  In either case it is nice to see (according to Google translate) that they seem looser and in a better place.

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Several take away items from the article I pulled most of this information from.  Drums (Koichi Kawanshi) and bass (Kinoshita Hiroharu) are back in order.  A keyboardist is also present (Mikio Ito).  My best guess is the guitar player is new (Yusuka Fujita) and the only one.  The last is an interesting choice, as Puffy in in the past year went two guitars and no keyboardist.  From what I heard from the live performances that have been streamed, this is probably a better choice as keyboards are integral to Puffy's musical style.  How important we may debate, but they are.

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The set list was a mix of what we would expect, no surprises:

     1. K2G
     2. Kore ga Watashi no Ikirumichi
     3. Daisuki (Cover)
     4. Boogie Woogie #5
     5. boom boom beat
     6. Puffy de Rumba
     7. Mother
     8. Jet Keisatsu
     9. Nagisa Ni Matsuwaru Etc
     10. Radio Tokyo
     11. Asia no Junshin (encore)

Not sure if this tells us anything about the next year, but Ami made mention last year about some things coming to the fore in the spring so what those are is as much a mystery to you as it is to me.  In either case Puffy continues to keep their hand in the game and that is good.

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