Saturday, July 5, 2014

MONSTER baSH 2014 Festival Added

Puffy has added another MONSTER baSH 2014 to their performance line up this year and it is a heck of a big festival.  It will be running from 8/23 to 8/24 in Kagawa prefecture.

Probably a safe bet that Puffy's set will be curtailed like most of their festival appearances, but for a two day event there are a lot of acts across a handful of stages.  Add Puffy to everyone else that will be performing and MONSTER baSH offers a compelling event:  Kaela Kimura, the telephones, Asian Kung Fu Generation, Shishamo, Base Ball Bear, Magokoro Brothers, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, etc.  Lots to see to say the least.  I will be curious to see what Puffy's set list and band looks like for this appearance and the forthcoming  tour.

P.S.  I had a blog all plotted for the SMA 40 appearance Puffy had, but Sony in their not-knowing-how-the-internet-works style pulled the YouTube vids.  Honestly, YouTube is one of the best marketing tools that a company can use and keep interest in their artists.  Oh well... It will probably pop up again and I will snag it.

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