Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wild Girls On Circuit Rarity

Once in a blue moon I find a fun rarity on Youtube. Not exactly sure where and why this version of Wild Girls On Circuit was used as the official PV is very different. It looks a notch above normal TV appearances, but there are some little items (like a car jump off the track and veering towards Ami's feet) that suggest this was a limited take (perhaps even one) performance.

Your guess is as good as mine (I would hunch Pa-pa-pa-pa-Puffy....).

P.S. Due to leave for Japan tomorrow via Singapore. Sadly the J-Music selection in Singapore has trickled down to nothing over the past years, so I am not surprised.  Not a lot of down time, but music shopping is on the list. If I get inspired or see Puffy related stuff I will post up.

P.P.S. More thinking about an expanded blog, now just a matter of starting the graphics work with another freelancer I know.

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