Monday, June 27, 2011

Time For Action Concert Clips

Not much to report, the Time For Action Tour is over and thus we enter the fugue state that is between Puffy albums. I will skim for Puffy news and while I hope Ami and Yumi will be doing news, erm blogging worthy things... Beyond maybe some summer festival appearances I am not sure what that might be.

Anyways here are a few videos from the 2011 Time For Action Tour. Hopefully more will crop up as it was broadcast on WOWOW. It doesn't look as polished a performance as Tour 10 Final, but then again it looks like Ami is hale and the weather is agreeable. Yumi looks great. I have no idea what Ami is thinking...

P.S. Back from Singapore. Only cool Puffy thing I encountered was Singapore Airlines on their entertainment system had both "Bring it!" and "Thank You" for on demand music selections. However the translation for the song titles I deeply suspect was Japanese to Chinese to Romanji... they were really, really odd.

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