Sunday, April 10, 2011

Live So Pure

Pardon the pun.

Once in a while in my dredging for Puffy material I find something darn interesting. I would not have bet Ami and Yumi ever did Love So Pure live, slightly less so were it Violet that I stumbled across.

A funny thing happened while driving around last week with my older daughter, we were listening to Jet Love and she came to the conclusion there were at least two different songs combined there. I could not have been more proud as we have never discussed the structure of Puffy songs.

Not a hole lot of news worthy stuff I have been able to find. Ami and Yumi are involved with disaster relief stuff, which does not surprise me, but as always if you have a scoop post it in the comments and I will follow up.

P.S. No word from amiyumidas founder Jeff and believe me I have tried. I was really hoping for his take on Thank You, as it is his writing that got me inspired to contribute to this blog.

P.P.S. Big hat tip to OP for the vidcap.

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