Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time Zone Warp

Relative to Japan, it is March 10th, but there exists a time zone warp when shipping and traveling to Denver. Hopping on a plane in Singapore, I get home a few hours later... despite grinding out 24 plus hours of transit.

Anyways, I technically have Thank You on day of release... but it is kind of a numbers game.

Big kudos to cdjapan for shipping out the order early enough to get the CD's today. I am really impressed with how they do business and have been for a few years now. Packaging was to a very high standard and they are prompt in getting back to customer questions. If you need a Japan based source for music, I recommend them without hesitation.

Anyways here is a mini gallery of the big day... Because I am totally padding. :)

The packaging for Thank You is really great, the liner notes (or booklet... I am showing my age) are huge, but I have not delved into them just yet. Will see how listening and reviewing goes over the next couple of days.

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