Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Puffy Album: Thank You

Coming March 9 is the New Puffy album Thank You. I am guessing that the sentiment ties into their 15th anniversary, the theme seems to extend to the forthcoming single Happy Birthday, which ships a month earlier.

The listed songs on cdjapan are for Thank You are RGW and Happy Birthday in addition to 12 more that are currently unlisted. I imagine some recent singles and their b-sides will be thrown into the mix, which given that many of us really liked them that it should be a very interesting album.

The single Happy Birthday is being released February 9th, the deluxe version will have a DVD with more Gekidan Asesu tour footage. Here is the track listing for the single and bonus DVD:

01. Happy Birthday
02. Banzai!
03. Gingakei Drive~PUFFY TOUR 2009 Medley @Nagano・Santerasu Hall

02. My Story
03. Asia no Junshin
04. Dareka ga
05. Jet Love
06. Bye Bye
07. Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera

When I know more, I will pass it on. It is going to be an expensive month or two... in a totally good way.

Also Puffy's official website has gotten a new look, check it out. I think the redesign is very nifty.

P.S. A gigantic version of the above pic can be found here... another cool 1t anniversary entry background pic here... of course all images are copyright Sony/Ki oon

P.P.S. Thanks
to amiyumidas readers PUFFYsanjo for the heads up and tbb for the cd/dvd track lists)

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