Monday, March 8, 2010

Site note: upgrading comments

Hey all,

So Wes has obviously been handling most of the posting duties lately, but I'm still paying attention and have seen that the comments are still very active. Blogger hasn't updated their comment system in years, though, and it's pretty archaic by modern standards. It's difficult to really carry on a conversation. So within the next week or so (or possibly even today), I'm going to move the comments here onto the Disqus platform.

People are often scared of change, but this is only a good thing for you guys and for the blog. There is no real downside to this at all - all of the current comments will be imported into the new system, and the new system has many, many more features than the current one. For example, it supports profiles and logins from more popular systems (blogger, facebook, twitter, etc. plus guest accounts if you don't want to sign up), it is threaded so you can actually reply properly, it will let you post media and links, and it will even let you rebroadcast your comments to social networking sites if you feel like doing that.

I use Disqus right now on my two other blogs if you want to see it in action - my personal blog and my store blog.

You'll see the new system here within a matter of days.


  1. Will this improve admin'ing of comments? Not that I have had to do any such thing and do we need to set up a new account?

  2. It does improve comment admin a lot. You can even edit comments, which I don't think you can do here now (not that I've ever done that, but like if somebody posts something reasonable but then ends their comment with a personal attack or something, you can just cut that part out).

    If you want to admin the comments, you'll need a new account on Disqus to do it. If you don't care about the admin, you can keep posting comments with your Blogger account, it still accepts blogger as a login and I believe even shows the avatar and everything.

  3. I will shift over to a discuss login... let me know when I need to do it. Luckily I have never had reason to blast comments or stuff. More than I can say for the other sites I do.