Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Different Take On Puffy

Sorry I have been a little less than a blogging machine, other projects and events sidelined fun writing about Puffy. But fret not I have been jotting down notes for the next album reviews and once I start stitching them together I will post them up.

Anyways, today we have a guest blogger of sorts... my oldest daughter Ying who truly adores Puffy. So far as role models go, I could not pick out two better women in entertainment to look up to. They are humble, accomplished, funny and genuine.

I sat down with her this week and asked Ying what her favorite Puffy songs are right now. Usually she listens to whatever happens to be playing and but there are some she is more enthusiastic about than others. Today we agree on songs, tomorrow maybe not.

The first is Mother, which has consistently been her favorite to listen to since she was a really wee lass. Maybe it is the stop motion animation of the video or Ami and Yumi. This has always been on eof my favorites too.

The surprise selection was Jet Police, which she started liking after I started going through the Shibyua-AX concert footage. Normally she leans towards Yumi in all things Puffy, but this particular rendition of Jet Police she flips for Ami.

Lastly is Tokyo I'm On My Way... which she has been crazy about... Particularly the Tour 10 Final concert verison, or as she puts it Tokyo I'm On My Way with the pink and blue dress. She is particularly impressed with Yumi's attire.

An unexpected joy from listening to Puffy is that their music and videos are something my daughter and I can enjoy together. When I hear her make a request for a specific song or get irked I hit next to bypass a song she likes, it makes me smile.


  1. Nice post! I'm partial to Nichiyoubi no Musume myself. I love the surf style.

  2. Ying is very perceptive. Ami practically owns Jet Police.

  3. bonsaipark, I would disagree... but Jet Police is a song that illustrates that Ami can do things vocally that Yumi can not. However Yumi has a vocal power that Ami does not. I do not ascribe any sort of superiority between the two, they mesh well and where they differ they compliment the other. Another reason why I am perpetually amazed with their sound.

    Barron, I am always intrigued by what songs people gravitate to.

  4. I'm thinking of the live performances, Wes. Whether I'm currently in a Yumi-fan or an Ami-fan mode, it's hard to do anything but watch Ami. She seems to draw on a special source of craziness in just about every video of this I've seen.

    I agree, though, that vocally they're as well matched as ever.

  5. bonsaipark, that I would agree with to a point. In the last two major concert recordings (Shibuya-AX and tour 10 Final) as Jeff has comments Ami has an evil look about her... and I too like it.

    But so far as energy and emoting goes I think Yumi now draws my attention. She seems to be having more demonstrable fun.

    Now if you asked me as of a few years ago I would agree with you without hesitation. Looking at the Fever*Fever concert there is almost no way to no be drawn towards Ami.

    Is it an issue of Ami retreating a little from her past stage presence... maybe. But I think a lot of it has to do with Yumi blossoming into a great live performer.

    I have just given 85% of a blog I have been writing in my brain so apologies in advance when you see this at a future date.

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  7. Tour 10 Final... I'd give Ami a pass on that one as I believe she was sick the day of the show. But she and Yumi are both in top form for the Shibuya-AX concert, I agree (one of my all-time favorite Yumi performances is that show's "Circuit no Musume"). I particularly like the edits that show Ami launching herself into the air but not coming down (happens not once but twice, I think).

    I know what you and Jeff mean about the "evil Ami" look, but I'm not sure it signifies a major change. I've been watching some of the PaPaPapaPuffy shows that have have turned up recently and was surprised by how much mugging Ami does for the camera.. she glares, she frowns, she looks shocked... it's great fun to watch her changing expressions. I think there's always been a little flair for tongue-in-cheek dramatizing there, when she was in the mood.

    Here's a half-baked idea for a blog... Ami and Yumi: contrast and compare. What are their differences and similarities? I wouldn't want to touch that myself. Every time I've decided that "Ami is this way, while Yumi is more that way", I've found I was totally, ludicrously wrong. Anything you can say about one seems to be true of the other, but perhaps in a different way.

  8. bonsaipark, I think we can all agree Ami doing the bunny hop is always welcome!

    Now a blog doing a compare and contrast of Ami and Yumi... I will have to think on that but I think my conclusion might not be all that different. The only way I think I could maybe offer a different opinion is if chronology is applied. That might highlight characteristics of both better.