Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ami/Yumi solo, a newish interview, and a lost TV commercial

TofuUnion found some great recent Puffy videos on YouTube that I hadn't seen before. I admit I don't do daily Puffy searches there, but I do look around quite often, so I think these are probably worth re-posting - if I hadn't seen them, I doubt I'm the only one.

This is my favorite - Ami playing "Always Dreamin' About You" and Yumi playing "Watashi no Nozomi", both solo:

I'm a sucker for seeing them actually play their instruments. I know they can, they just either never seem to want to, or more likely are encouraged not to. And it's super-rare to actually see video of them playing solo like this. Apparently this is from the "2001: a halfway of space odyssey" concert.

Here's a recent interview from DokoGaTV, which is not something I'd heard of but is apparently a Hawaiian TV station that also now broadcasts in Japan:

It's not the greatest interview, honestly - it feels like something that should have happened in conjunction with the "Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi" show launch. It feels like they're past all this. He does ask one question about honeycreeper, but it's a question any of their fans would already know the answer to. I really wonder who this interview is intended for.

But it's still interesting only in that it's subtitled for an American audience. It's not often these days that we get to see newly translated interviews with them.

And lastly, a 1 minute commercial for cooking oil. I know exactly when this is from - it was this campaign, so 2005/2006. But I've never seen this full-length ad - you don't see these a lot on Japanese TV, where the ads usually come at you rapid fire.

I'm amused at the fact that when Ami flips the food up in the air, it clearly comes down all over the place despite the editor's valiant attempt at obscuring it.


  1. what a strange interview...õ__Ô
    and what a weird taste they've got to think ABOY is a great song xD

    Ami's face when all the food falls down on her is so LOL hehehe

  2. One of my favorites in this batch is a short video titled "MOW CM - Making Of".

    It was a funny commercial. I wonder how much ice cream Ami and Yumi had to eat.