Monday, July 9, 2007

PUFFY Update #2

Well, I can see that this is gonna turn into a regular thing. But I can't ignore my stats, so I've gotta give you guys what you want...

First, of all the people who find my blog searching for puffy-related stuff, the most common search term by far is "cameland english lyrics" or some variation of that. I don't have them, but here you go:

I'm warning you, they're deep. Their Japanese lyrics often are, whether PUFFY themselves wrote them or not.

Changing gears completely, here's the brand new video for PUFFY's latest single "boom boom beat":

Not my favorite song of theirs, honestly. A little too generic pop for my tastes. It's missing that punk sensibility that their past few proper albums have had, along with really any of their own personality.

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